IMTP - Intermunicipal Mobility and Transportation Plan

The Coimbra Region Intermunicipal Community drafted the Intermunicipal Mobility and Transport Plan (IMTP), which culminated in its presentation on 2 August 2016.

The IMTP is a management tool that sets out the global intervention strategy in terms of organising mobility accessibility, defining a set of actions and measures that contribute to the implementation and promotion of a more sustainable mobility model:

Compatible with economic development

Promoting greater social cohesion

Geared towards environmental protection and energy efficiency

The mobility of people and goods is increasingly a key issue for the competitiveness of territories and for the improvement of the quality of life of their populations. The implementation of sustainable mobility strategies is coupled with an outlook of growing environmental concern, reduction in travel costs and the improvement of quality of life. The study of the CR IMC, in terms of its population, schooling and commuting dynamics, is the base starting point for reflection and awareness of its current situation, informing the development of a Plan to ensure the mobility system's sustainability and efficiency in the medium and long term.